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Music Blog Review

PINING work hard to keep indie-rock alive and vibrant with this latest single When the Streetlights Come On. There’s a notably raw sound to the recording, giving off a genuine and fairly live aura, but that takes nothing away from the lightness and optimism of those opening riffs and the energy of that drum-line. On the contrary, the realness emphasises the hopeful flavor of the music.

Lyrically this single veers off in a totally unexpected direction, feeling way more early 2000s emo than anything else. The melody and that leading vocal style all present a genuinely emotional mood that connects naturally with the lyrics. As the track progresses, the sound seems to grow thicker and fuller – that hook resounds as the drums crash through and this chorus of voices and riffs seeks to completely envelop the listener. You start to wonder about the live scene, about how much more effective and energizing this would be in a real-time setting. Most likely that’s where the band really find their feet.

The second time you hear this that opening guitar work stands out all the more-so. The band offer skillful musicianship and carefree creativity on top of their conceptual story-telling, so everyone involved gets their rightful chance to shine within the soundscape.

From a songwriting perspective, that hook is huge – impressively fresh, a difficult thing to achieve these days, and recorded in a raw and honest fashion to really help drive it home. Structurally too, the band showcase a clear understanding of how to make a chorus hit with impact – how to craft a track as an epic journey in itself; how to completely surround an audience with a rising sense of anticipation and evolving energy. When the Streetlights Come On is something of a grower, but it fills that role beautifully. A great track and a band well worth looking out for in the coming months.


California-based Pining Band is the latest musical outing for Chris Cibelli, a veteran of many emo, punk, and indie bands in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. An atmospheric and raw emo-rock conjuring reminiscent of Taking Back Sunday, PUP, Bayside, and a hint of grunge.

Pining cuts to the bone with a live-sounding wall of sound that envelopes the source of its energy – Chris Cibelli himself. Although the subject matter can come across as dark and melancholy, Pining delivers a musical exuberance with a variety of different dynamics and moods.

Lone songwriter, Chris Cibelli came to music seeking solace in a rough upbringing, finding in it a way to let go of the anger and disillusionment that colored his early years. As he matured as a songwriter, it became a way for him to grow beyond layers of a complicated past and find acceptance of who he is and where he came from. For him, Pining is about finding genuine peace in the honesty of these emotions, whether they come from a place of darkness or light.

Citing diverse influences that range from Tigers Jaw, Brand New, Bayside, Slothrust, and Bear vs. Shark,

Cibelli’s earliest influences include bands that include Nirvana and the Doors as well as Billie Holiday. Pining’s debut release, a three-song self-titled EP, is currently available on all digital streaming platforms.

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